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Burgundy, at the crossroads of Europe!

Tarperon is midway between Paris and Lyon, 250 km away from each.

If coming from the Paris, forget the traffic and take the TGV Paris-Montbard: a 1 hour trip and the possibility to rent a car.

From the UK, Tarperon is a 5 hour drive from Calais.

Finally, we are an ideal stop on the way to the south of France or the Alps.Tarperon est à 250 km de Paris et de Lyon, à mi-chemin.


Within 50 km around Tarperon

Châtillonnais and Auxois regions

The black stork has settled on the banks of our bountiful trout rivers, our water sources are secret and spectacular as are our rare wild orchids and the roe deer that outnumber our people.

And so, witnesses to a prestigious past, they punctuate promenades and embellish the beautiful Burgundy stone: forges and wash houses, abbeys and castles...

Not forgetting the past, the "Princess of Vix" and Vercingetorix and are also ours!

50 Km around the house
Bussy-Rabutin castle
Fontenay abbey
Buffon forge
Semur en Auxois
Semur en Auxois
Coquille source
Douix source

The vineyards

Prestigious lands

Tarperon’s location allows for delightful excursions to the Burgundy and Champagne vineyards.

To the west: Chablis, of course, with its inimitable Chardonnay, enriched by the tiny fossilized oysters hidden in its subsoil, but also Epineuil, Irancy… and finally Vézelay and its famous basilica.

To the north: the border between the Côte d’Or and the Aube passing from the crémants of the Châtillonnais to the champagnes of the Côte des Bar.

South of Dijon: along an area just 50km long and sometimes less than 1km wide the Côte de Beaune succeeds the Côte de Nuits offering the most prestigious labels of Burgundy.

Burgundy vineyard
Beaune's Hospices
A cave in Burgundy
Vougeot's clos